Thursday, 6 October 2011

My Silhouette... is Fine Thank You

False advertising, does it happen or are we as consumers blind to it or unwilling to step up and say something? There are lots of companies that lie to us about their products and get away with it. Most consumers are unaware of how much power we have and how we can use this power to make marketing a more level playing field.

False advertising does happen all the time but mostly we don’t notice it. In the case of Nivea and their product called My Silhouette the company stated in their commercial that by using this product you will lose weight. All that you had to do was rub the cream on your body and watch the fat rub away. Nivea is a company known for rejuvenating skin creams but a cream that removes fat like liposuction? To me this appeared to be a load of nonsense but millions of woman bought into this add.   
Nivea had to pay 900,000 dollars for their false or misleading advertisements. Nivea was also told by the courts that they must post a public apology in the news paper. Immediately after this trial Nivea recalled every My Silhouette off the shelves and out of the stores in Canada.
Most companies follow the rules of marketing and advertising law to an extent. By this I mean they are not breaking any laws but they are stretching the truth. As consumers we need to stand up and raise questions when we think a company is misleading us and stop them.

This is the commercial done by Nivea. This commercial shows how to use the product and what it will do for you.

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