Thursday, 27 October 2011

Marketing Mindset

Lately I have found myself questioning every ad and every commercial while watching television. “But why am I doing this?” is the question I always find myself asking every time I notice myself doing this. I believe the answer is awareness.
What I mean by awareness is that I am slowly being trained by my teachers to think like a marketer/advertiser. I suppose that is their job, and I guess they’re doing their job well. I will find myself sitting on the couch watching television, but when the commercials come on, I feel the need to watch, unlike when I was a kid. I find myself enjoying analysing commercials for different appeal techniques such as lifestyle, humour, comparative, innovation, and product differentiation. I began to notice this action a couple of weeks ago, and I had a startling realization that, I might be becoming a marketer/advertiser.
As I wrote this blog I thought to myself, could it be? Could I really be changing and becoming a marketer/advertiser. My teachers always said in order to be a good marketer/advertiser you have to change how you look at commercials and people and start to think like a marketer/advertiser. If there is one thing I learned from writing this blog is that it’s working.

The easiest commercials to explain what I am trying to say are car commercials because most of them use every appeal technique possible to make their product most desirable

This is a typical car comercial that you may see on t.v. all the time. The appeal techniques used in this are product differentiation, comparitive, and innovation. This is a positive factual based comercial.

This is a volkswagen car comercial, this was also aired on t.v. and was very successful. The appeal technique used in this was humour. This is a positive comercial with no acts.

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