Thursday, 29 September 2011

Self-efficacy Through Networking

Hi readers, welcome to IMC blog. I will be using this blog along with any other blogs to discuss my thoughts and observations on the Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) course at St. Lawrence College.
To be honest this is my first blog and I am uncomfortable writing blogs. I hope that with this assignment it will help me develop my voice, along with helping me get noticed by potential future employers.
In the first two weeks of the IMC course I have learned that, the business world is tough to reach out to, and get your foot in the door. If you work hard and put your time into a method or way of getting yourself noticed, this goal is achievable. One of the best ways of reaching out is through social media. This is a very productive way of getting yourself noticed.
In my classes we have been learning how important it is to be able to work as a team or group. This is preparing us for the workforce. Also, this helps me determine what skills I have and how I can put them to use in a group setting, such as the workforce.
All the teachers in my classes are knowledgeable about the courses and are amazing at giving me the confidence and initiative to start this blog, not only as an assignment, but as a tool to get me noticed. I look forward to seeing what I learn next week.

As illustrated in Kung Fu Panda self-efficacy and marketing have a lot to do with belief.

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