Thursday, 10 November 2011

Mobile Media... Marketers Are Now Stalkers

Why is mobile media an effective means of marketing and advertising to a consumer? Maybe it is because there are over 3.4 billion people with active mobile devises. There are 3.1 billion unique owners of at least one mobile phone and subscription. Also, out of the 3.4 billion active mobile devises 1.55 billion devices received a form of advertising last year.
The reach alone for iPhone, Android, iPad and Blackberry applications is over 40 million people. This allows marketers to target a large percent of the population with ease. Now from social media it is easy to figure out a specific person or group’s interest. This gives a marketer the information needed to maximize impact with sophisticated targeting to allow them to market to a consumer with little cost.
Due to new technological advances, marketers are now using interactive ads to market products to consumers. A good example of such an ad, is a flash game called Chevy Cobalt labs. This interactive ad allows the consumer to ‘drive’ a Chevy Cobalt and choose certain design elements for the vehicle. After the consumer is finished an ad pops up that allows the consumer to go to the company’s website and potentially buy a new Chevy Cobalt.
With the advancement in the mobile media technologies, marketers can easily find out if their ads are working. By this I mean the success of the ads is measurable. Marketers can find out how many people viewed the ads, as well as how many followed the ads to additional sites of interest.
Based on the facts above I think mobile media is an effective form of advertising, because there is the potential to target billions of people and easily send the ads to them. Mobile media allows marketers to send interactive ads to consumers, and because mobile media allows marketers to easily see the effectiveness of the ads; this presents a direct marketing advantage for marketers.

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